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Aging Process


Companies continue allude to the phrase "fountain of youth" to promote products that supposedly add years, or even immortality to your life. Many times, the phrase has been challenged as people take long trips or expeditions and come back with the secret to that mythical "fountain." This serves only to verify mankind's preoccupation with the secret to immortal life.

In this modern world, man's desire to live forever is very near to being a reality with the increase in scientific exploration and technology. But if you want to really understand the secret to eternal life - or merely living a long life - you have to understand just how the aging process works. The quest for this "secret" has cause scientists down through the ages to become obsessed with finding theories and clues that will lead to the answer.

Throughout all of science's quests in the area of ageing, scientist have chosen a word that relates to the process of ageing in humans - senescence. The term relates to an implication of degeneration that shows up as a person ages. Scientists believe it comes about as a result of life's natural component that results from a deregulation of biochemicals.

But senescence's effects differ from species to species. For example, both rodents and bats, which are in the mammal classification, are identical in size, but rodents don't live as long as a bat. Bats live for 30 years or more, while rodents live only about three years.

However, there are a few species of animals like turtles, lobsters and rockfish that carry a trait that is not important to senescence. It's a trait that gives this particular species of animals a longer life span than the others. There are some species that have a life span of 200 years.

Exhaustive scientific studies indicate that senescence results from genetic and evolutionary factors that are responsible for the long life span of these animals. Scientists, however, continue to have a difficult time connecting humans with this particular trait. And here's why. When it comes to the animals that have the senescence trait, human beings operate under a totally different environment.


Factors That Speed Up the Aging Process


Stress is one of the biggest contributors to the aging process. Simply stated, the constant punishing and beating the body receives just from doing our daily tasks cause a hormone imbalance that can cause damage to the body's cells.

Additionally, the breakdown of the hypothalamus also is a factor in determining the aging process. Your hypothalamus "sets the traffic" for the different hormones relating to the other glands of the body. Over time, your hypothalamus will grow tired and begin to wear, and this causes it to release improper hormone amounts to the body's other glands, which can result in hormone imbalance that can damage body tissue.

Other reasons for ageing are caused by outside factors from your environment. Things like contaminants, radiation, along with stress, can also cause human cell damage. When you expose the body cells to these harmful factors, you can inflict a great amount of damage to them. Cells are very important when it comes to the aging process. The Human Aging Process

That's because cells are full of information that is vital to the development of the human body. When cells reproduce, they form new cells with the same characteristic level as the original one. If the original cell is damaged from this transaction, it produces a new one with a slightly different character. This process begins with a new set of "offbeat" cells that lead to the process of aging.

Of all the theories dealing with the aging process, the theory about Free Radicals is foremost among American health buffs. This one states that chemicals that are reactive tend to damage human tissue. However, for the most part, free radicals don't necessarily pose a problem for humans. That's because they provide a multitude of benefits for the development of the body. But the thing that really damages your body tissues is the excessive reproduction of free radicals. They can reproduce at alarming rates because they have one additional electron that enables them to "steal" electrons belonging to other molecules. And this causes other cells to "burn out" from the amount of work involved in cell repair.


Factors That May Slow The Aging Process


With all the "theories" about the aging process, there are some natural solutions that will actually fight ageing. One common solution is to take vitamin E, vitamin C in order to balance free radical damage and fight stress. Another strategy to fight aging is to stop eating junk food, and choose healthy substitutes like fresh vegetables and fresh fruit.

Another way to fight the ageing process is by using a high-quality product like GenF20 HGH supplement. GenF20 HGH is a supplement that boosts your level of energy and helps you perform all your daily tasks more efficiently. GenF20HGH is a supplement that helps lower your cholesterol level, improve your vision and boost your immune system.

This is just a few of the things that GenF20 HGH can do to stifle the process of aging. It is known as one of the most effective supplements available for helping reverse the aging process. The many scientific advances in combating premature aging will help reinforce the possibility that the fountain of youth just may be within their reach after all.


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