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Anti-Ageing Diet


If you really want to slow down your ageing process and increase the life expectancy at least 30%, then this idea is for you. Its essence is to restrict calories by 30-50% of the recommended daily intake rates. Using this diet, provided the use of vitamins and minerals necessary for human life, you can improve your overall health, prevent heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.


In the first half of the 20th century, scientists have shown that calorie restrictive diet can increase life expectancy. They conducted numerous experiments in which laboratory rats were fed less by one third compared to the control group of rats. At the same amount of vitamins and minerals remained normal.  It was found that rats need much less calories for normal life than previously thought. The rats, which were limited in the diet, lived 30-40% longer than rats on a normal, usual diet without the restrictions.

Age Diet and FitnesHow it works

Anti-ageing diet is primarily aimed to increase longevity and not the loss of weight. However, the reduction in caloric intake will inevitably lead to a reduction in body weight. The Sudden transition to such diet can lead to the opposite effect (decreased life expectancy), so you should gradually reduce the amount of calories (within 2-3 years, or more.)

It is believed that restriction of calories entering the body, protects the DNA from damage, affects the production of enzymes that are involved in DNA repair, prevents tumors. Anti-ageing diet works on three basic principles:

1. Reduces the development of free radicals in the body, unstable molecules that attack healthy cells.
2. Reduces fading of the human immune system that occurs with age.
3. Slows down the metabolism, thus reducing the energy consumption of the body. It is believed that the faster the metabolism, the more he/she spends his/her life energy and ages faster.


A diet that restricts calories requires a deep and accurate understanding, because you have to stick with it for life. And it is very difficult in our fast-changing world. However, understanding that compliance with this diet can increase life expectancy by 30%, forcing us to put aside all doubts. Important condition: the diet is recommended for those over 30 years of age, because that before this age person should get all the nutrients in full and caloric restriction at an early age can lead to serious health problems.

Follow dietary diversity, moderate portions, the right foods such as vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants, fish containing omega-3 fatty acids, olive oil, green tea whole grains and nuts.

You should try to gradually reduce the number of calories from 10% of total consumption, and achieve 40-50%. The use of this formula has allowed many men and women to lose up to 18% of total body weight in six months.

So reduce the amount of nutritious food for one day in each week.

First month: It is recommended to eat nutritious meals every day for the first week. During the rest of the day is recommended to eat low-calorie foods. During the next week, select one day without eating highly nutritious food. So reduce the amount of nutritious food for one day each week.

Starting from the sixth month: completely on a low-calorie diet. Then gradually decrease the amount of food consumed, so that by the end of adaptation, the number of calories would be decreased by 30-40% of your initial norm.

You can make the menu of your choice. Create your own diet to 1,500 calories, just remember the following rules:Anti-ageing diet that will help you increase the maximum life span
350 calories for breakfast
400 calories for lunch
450-500 calories for dinner
100-150 calorie snack (including drinks)

Sample menu for one day low-calorie diet (1,500 kcal)

  • Breakfast: grapefruit (150 grams), 1 boiled egg, bread (40 g), butter (10 grams), skim milk (200 grams);
  • Dinner: lean meat (100 grams), vegetables (250 grams), 1 portion of green salad, fruit (150 grams), a cup of coffee or tea;
  • Afternoon snack: bread (30 grams), butter (10 grams), cheese or cottage cheese (30 grams), skim milk (100 grams);
  • Supper: lean meat (100 grams), salad (250 grams), fruit (choice of apple, pear, orange, etc.), a glass of skim milk, coffee or tea.


The main advantages of anti-aging diet - is the improvement of health and prevention of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Studies show that most physiological functions and mental abilities of animals on this diet meet all parameters of young animals. The diet also showed an increase in the maximum life span for the most of living organisms on which it was tested.

Precautionary measures

Do not use a diet for the following category of the persons:
Persons under 30 years old
Low body mass index
Various diseases associated with the obligatory use of any necessary nutrients.

Diet Superstore - Massive DiscountsIn any case, before the diet, consult your doctor. During the diet is important as well is under the supervision of a physician.


Was conducted a study involving 27 human aged 40-65 years who consumed only 1,400-2,100 calories a day for six years. The results showed that the function of the cardiovascular system of participants in the experiment was the same as people in the control group who consumed about 2000-3100 calories per day. People in the control group are up to 15 years younger than participants in the experiment. Although the results of this study are very optimistic, but the researchers say is necessary to perform additional experiments before diet becomes widely available.