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Anti-Aging Effects of HGH


Human Growth Hormone (HGH), also called somatotropin, is naturally manufactured in the body. The pituitary gland, which is about the size of a pea, produces HGH in short bursts, mainly while you're asleep. Scientific research and studies have shown that the level of HGH declines as people get older. While both decreased levels of HGH and aging usually happen in harmony with each other, people who have had their pituitary gland removed through surgery or as a result of an accident, will suffer negative health effects.

Tired of growing old?

Unless you are a person who doesn't care how he looks, you're probably not overly pleased with how suddenly your skin seems to have accumulated those unsightly wrinkles.

And they seem to accumulate with the passing of every day. And there's more. You probably also suffer from:


  • Sudden aches and pains
  • Sudden weight gain
  • Low energy level
  • Annoying memory loss
  • Diminished sex drive

It seems that a common thread runs through all your complaints, symptoms and problems: You weren't plagued with them in your younger years. But there is one thing that perfectly explains it all. Like many other things, as you get older, your hormone levels diminish.

The aging and HGH connection

The big question is, "Why should I even think about artificially raising the level of HGH in my blood if my body already produces it?"

Here's the simple answer.

Keep in mind that as we get older, our bodies produce less of this hormone. All hormones, including HGH, that are produced in smaller quantities are important because many of them are related to the aging process. And that means that if we can slow down or stop this decline, it could greatly affect our bodies.

HGH (Human growth hormone) is produced in levels of more than 1000 mg from your teens to your early 20's. But your body begins to produce less as you grow older. It is believed that we grow older due to this decrease in the level of hormones in our bodies. And because of this, the big question is: Could you add to your life if you could maintain optimal levels of growth hormone in your body at all times? 

Why is keeping optimal levels of HGH linked with aging?

You know that the level of growth hormone insufficiency can cause many of your bodily functions to deteriorate, which could result in premature aging.

Anti-Aging Effects of HGHYour levels of HGH begin to fall as you reach adulthood. For instance, when you were between 12 and 16, your level of HGH was about 1200. That was an indication that you were growing. But by the time you reached your 20's, your growth hormone levels dropped to 900, as your rate of growth began to slow. By the time your levels reached 300-400, you were about 30, and that's when the growth rate basically stopped.

In spite of what many people believe, human growth hormone levels are less important in our 40's than they are when we're in our 30's. The reason for this is because HGH repairs injuries more effectively in your 30's. Keep in mind that the primary function of growth hormone is to repair. And if you don't have it in sufficient quantities, you will experience a progressive deterioration of your system.

That means that those who take natural growth hormone supplements such as GHAdvanced have reported texture and skin tone improvements, along with increased hair growth. The challenge then, is how to increase the HGH your body produces so that you can enjoy its anti-aging benefits.

As we grow older, our skin tone diminishes and loses its elasticity. This results in wrinkles. And other aging signs include a decrease in body mass, weight gain and an increase in body fat. All these signs of growth hormone deficiency.

HGH PillsNevertheless, your skin is only one of your body's organs, which affect low levels of growth hormone. If your HGH level is deficient (as often happens when you age), other areas of the body are affected, including diminishing nails and skin, vital organ upkeep, repair of body tissue, cell repair and the capacity of the body to heal itself.

But many aging adults report a much better quality of life after they have been able to naturally increase their levels of HGH. That's because the process of aging simply means a deficiency of hormones, which you lacked when you were younger. If you could only return your hormone levels to their normal state, your symptoms of "old age" would be reversed!

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