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Anti Aging Tips For Men

Aging is supposed to be a slow process, but not for a few. There are some of us who are growing older each minute.

Aging may be an unavoidable process, but that does not mean we need to look our age. We have to be fathers at one point of time or the other, but we don't have to look so old. Anti-aging in men mainly revolves around awareness, a healthy lifestyle, prevention and care and also commitment towards looking good.

This is an article enlisting various anti-aging tips and advices for men:

Healthy Diet

Restore Your Youthful AppearanceLooking great directly depends on your diet. If you follow a healthy diet, you will not only look great, but you will also be healthy and your immunity will be stronger. Your diet should ideally contain fresh fruits and vegetables. Processed foods should be avoided and the sugar content in your diet should be low. Fresh fruits and vegetables are usually not treated with preservatives. Preservatives could actually be quite harmful to the body.

Your body requires adequate amounts of minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients to be able to function properly. You will not find them in sugar-loaded, processed and chocolate painted donuts. On the other hand, if you followed a balanced diet containing about 30% of protein, 30% of healthy fats along with 20% carbohydrates you'd do much better. Include green vegetables, lean meats, nuts and fish in your diet thus.

Daily Exercise Routine

Men are benefitted greatly by exercise. Exercise can keep a great list of ailments such as obesity, osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes such to name a few. Alongside, it reduces the risk of being sedentary as you enter old age. Exercises such as bench press, squats, deadlifts and other resistance training exercises enhance metabolism along with building your muscles. Thus, they keep your weight in check and make sure your bone density is optimal.

However, don't restrict yourself to free weights. You could go for any exercise in order to keep your heart pumping. This benefits your body and thus prevents signs of aging. Basketball, swimming and walking are just a few of the many exercises you could choose. You just need to keep in mind to exercise in sessions of 45 minutes thrice each week. Ensure that you sweat.

Sleep Well

It is important to get enough sleep; about 8 hours every night. Life is hectic these days and getting eight hours of sleep can be a difficult task. However, you must try to get proper rest so that your skin is healthy and dark circles and wrinkles are at bay.

You should never consume sleeping pills because they are addictive. Moreover, they could cause bad side effects. Stick to a particular schedule every night. Don't have a heavy dinner. Make sure your bedroom is cool and dark. If you are not able to sleep properly one night, don't give in to the desire to sleep during the day. Push yourself through the next day and sleep only at night.

Hair Loss Prevention

You can't get away from this. Stats have revealed that more than 85% of men experience hair loss by the time they hit the age of 50. This is generally genetic.

If you don't like it, simply shave your head. There are many celebrities such as Jason Statham, Patrick Stewart and Vin Diesel have made bald cool.

If you don't want to shave your head, there are various treatments you could try. Propecia and Rogaine have been proven to be effective, but you might have to face side effects. Profollica is relatively safer. Hair transplants are expensive but give you're a permanent way out of hair loss. It can also make you confident.

Skin Care Tips

If you have the wish of looking really old, why not try drinking a lot, smoking over the top and staying out in the sun for long hours. Follow the same for 30 years and by the time you touch 55, you will be a peanut quite literally.

Anti Aging For Men TipsHowever, I am taking for granted that you don't want to look old. Let me remind you that your skin will showcase your age more significantly than anything else. Start using a body cleanser and facial each day. Keep soap and cleansers away from your face though. Apply moisturizer every day, but use one specifically for your face and another that is specific for your body. Apply night cream before going to sleep so that your skin is restored as you get some rest.

Prolonged exposure to sun can cause wrinkles. Thus, you should try to stay away from the sun between 10 AM and 4 PM. Make sure you buy a sunscreen of minimum SPF 15 and use it every time you go out. Use a stronger SPF when the climate is hotter. Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before stepping out. Carry it with you if you are going to stay out for long. Re-apply after 2 hours and after stepping into water. If you are sweating, re-apply for better protection.

Final Thoughts on Anti-Aging for Men

Follow tips for anti-aging that recommended in this article. A healthy lifestyle is enough to have a great effect on your overall health. Just by eating well, you can ensure weight loss and healthy skin. Exercising often and staying mobile is also great. Such active lifestyle even keeps dementia away.

Here is something that could make you happy. Red wine has antioxidant properties and can keep heart disease away. Too much alcohol consumption on the other hand can make your skin look older and make your body weak. So, stay within your limits and restrict your boozing to only a drink each day.