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How to Eat for Your Age


Tips for Healthy Meal Planning - How To Eat Correctly after 30, 40 and 50 years old

Beauty, health and human nutrition - these three categories are closely related. In youth, we usually do not think about their health and it seems that all the talk about a healthy lifestyle, diet and the need to care for your body - it's just talk those who are not satisfied with their appearance.

Unfortunately, youth passes quickly, and after 30 years old, we see the first signs of age. The nutrition experts say that every age has its own rules of supply, guided by which you will always look young and beautiful!

Advanced Weight Loss ProductsAt the age of 30, you can easily lose weight and keep fit, up to 40 years old - to stay slim gets harder, to 45 years old appears tummy, in menopause any extra meal inevitably leads to an increase in the waist size.

Motor activity often decreases with each passing decade, the metabolic processes are gradually slowing your pace, with a diet almost constantly, sometimes, on the contrary, with the age we allow ourselves too much, indulge yourself with something sweet or tasty, compensating the lack of love or interesting and new events.

But do not worry - all of these troubles can be resolved with a well-chosen diet.

How To Eat Right Over 30

Eating Right After 30 Years of AgeVitamins, iron, minerals and antioxidants are essential in your diet. In addition, you need animal protein - they supply building material to muscles. But you need to get protein throughout the day, and not a "one piece" in the evening.

Be careful with dairy products are not recommended by them to abuse (only one type of once a day).

Tip: Do not try to improve the taste of your dishes with mayonnaise or ketchup. These spices can cause irreparable damage to the figure.

Sample menu

Breakfast: scrambled eggs or an omelet. This breakfast will be digested slowly, will activate the intestines and permanently eliminates the feeling of hunger.

Second breakfast: cheese (kefir or yogurt).

Lunch: vegetable, chicken broth, fish. Do not be carried away by foods high in carbohydrates: sandwiches, pasta, desserts.  A dessert replace by fruit.

Snack: fruit.
Dinner: lean meat or poultry, and vegetables.

Daily caloric content: up to 2,000 calories for women and 3,000 calories for men.


Healthy Eating After 40

How To Eat Properly Over 40Therapists say that this is the age of the crisis. Therefore, you need products that can protect against depression and mood swings. Eat foods that contain serotonin - a feel good hormones. Serotonin is found in some foods in sufficient quantities: oatmeal, turkey, red bell pepper, chocolate.

Do not forget the fish. Polyunsaturated fats found in it, protect blood vessels, stimulate memory, improve cognitive abilities. As the need for iron in this age of declining, the day will be enough per serving of fish or meat.

Tip: Eat more vegetables. Most of them have low-calorie, but creates a feeling of satiety.


Sample menu

Breakfast: porridges. Preferable to cook oatmeal or buckwheat cereal. It is possible to add to porridge pine nuts or almonds. These breakfasts will help your heart and blood vessels.

Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled chicken or turkey, vegetables and fruits.

Snack: fruit. Period after forty years is dangerous because it increases the risk of chronic diseases, including cancer, so blueberries, raspberries, cranberries and cranberry, pineapple guava fruit in the afternoon - is the best option to pass the time until dinner.

Dinner: lean fish, and vegetables.

Daily caloric: people age of forty should reduce calories than normal for the age of thirty average of 500-800 calories, depending on the presence or lack of exercise.



How To Eat Properly After 50 years old

How To Eat Healthy Over 50In a daily diet should be up to 600 г of vegetables and greens and up to 400 г of fruit and berries. Fiber contained in vegetables and fruit adjusts activity intestine, preventing constipation and promotes better excretion of excess cholesterol and harmful products produced in the intestines during digestion.

After the age of 50, the bones become fragile, weakened joints, appearance arthritis, arthrosis. To make up for the calcium you should abandon salty foods, coffee, strong tea, and daily diet include cured 2.5% fat.

Tip: It is one to two times a week to arrange so-called fasting days, when the menu is not meat and fish dishes. After 50 years, you should limit the amount ofextracts, which are contained in the broth, grilled meat and fish, so nourishing broths, meat and fish soups should be replaced with vegetable broth.

Sample menu

Breakfast: cheese (kefir, yogurt). Do not get carried away with low-fat dairy products. Products with a fat content of less than 2% are poor in calcium.
Second breakfast: fruit or vegetables.
Lunch: vegetable, fish or poultry.
Snack: fruit or berries.
Dinner: cereals or vegetables. Cabbage, greens and beans will help to keep the shape and slow the appearance of wrinkles.
Daily Calories: 1,300 calories for women and 1800 for men a day.

A healthy diet, moderate but regular exercise, proper care of the body and water therapies can help you stay young, beautiful and attractive for many years.

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