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Health Hazards Of Using HGH Injections


Harm is more than the benefit

Human hormones were first known to promote growth in the 1920's. Scientists learned to produce the 191-residue protein hormone in the late 1980s. To do this, they used a technology known as recombinant DNA, which was available in huge quantities. Because of this ease of availability, the growth hormone is now used in various formulations as HGH supplements.


Unfortunately, however, a lot of false advertising has been propagated with the rise of internet and media usage. And this has given people false expectations about how HGH affects the body.


But the reality is that human growth hormones is not effective in oral form because it becomes inactive when it reaches the stomach. Don't forget, though, that taking things orally causes your body to produce growth hormone naturally. But that's not the same as taking growth hormone orally..


When you take HGH in an injection you greatly increase the chances of "HGH abuse." And that could cause deadly side effects on your body. And if you take this artificial growth hormone for an extended period of time, you increase your risk of serious side effects.


Risk of serious side effects associated with HGH injections


Arthritis, fluid retention & other problems: A clinical test in 1993 on 12 adults from the Washington University School of Medicine showed that 50 percent of the test subjects developed arthritis symptoms, fluid retention and carpal tunnel syndrome within a few weeks after beginning the treatment.


After discontinuing the growth hormone injections the symptoms disappeared.


Enlargement of the heart: If you inject too large an amount of human growth hormones you could cause your heart to become enlarged. So, it is very important that your dosages of HGH should always be supervised by a knowledgeable physician or an endocrinologist.


Transmission of diseases and contamination risk: Don't' forget that whenever you use vials, needles and other items that are shared, you increase the risk of transmitting blood-borne viruses like HIV or hepatitis. If you don't properly clean your skin, bacteria and dirt could enter into your bloodstream and damage or inflame your blood vessels. Also, if you inject substances that are not sterile, you risk poisoning and infection. And these infections, in very serious cases, can lead to gangrene, ulcers and thrombosis. And if growth hormone is injected into muscle groups that are small, you risk the danger of injecting it directly into the nerves and veins.

Synthetic HGH injections


You can only get synthetic HGH injections by prescription. And they are very expensive. Some of them could cost from $10,000 to $30,000 a year. Studies show them to be exceptionally effective in reversing aging in the body, but because they are so expensive, the average person can't afford them.


These injections are known to be very painful at times. And visits to the doctor's office can be quite inconvenient for the patient. And that's especially true when you have to travel a long distance to find a qualified specialist.


And then there is the risk of overdosing on the synthetic growth hormone. This could lead to gynecomastia (man breasts), resistance to insulin, fluid retention, and headaches. And taking these injections over a period of time can lead to hormone imbalance.


And you should also remember that a doctor's prescription is the safest - and legal-way to get synthetic HGH injections.


Injections of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone


This method of treatment shows some degree of promise, but it is a new process and has not been proven. And you must have a qualified physician.


And when you use this method, you are injecting GHRHm which causes HGH to be released in the brain. A study in the Baltimore study showed that two GHRH injections per day brought back HGH and IGF-1 levels in aging men to the levels they had 30 years ago.


That's very promising! But it still remains unproven, inconvenient and very expensive.


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