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HGH and Testosterone


Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is released by the anterior pituitary gland and is responsible for growth of body tissues, structures and organs. Testosterone is responsible for optimal development of muscles and masculine features in men. It has a similar action to HGH, and is involved in strengthening muscles and bones.

What is testosterone?

High and Low Testosterone Levels in MenIt is a major male hormone that produces sperm and enhances muscle mass. It is responsible for sperm production, muscle mass and development of other characteristics in males. Testosterone boosts anabolism of protein and aids in the maintenance and development of the male sex characteristics. It also promotes the response to the male growth hormone.

With advancing age in men, it is normal for growth hormone and testosterone levels to drop. However, this can occur in younger individuals as well, and requires treatment. Patients with low levels of human growth hormone have greater levels of obesity, a weak immune system, high cholesterol and psychosocial problems. Patients with low testosterone level exhibit problems with erection, reduced libido and sex drive, generalized tiredness, bone weakness and mood problems such as anxiety and depression. In addition to being mildly embarrassing, all this can have a significant impact on quality of life. The good thing is that there is a solution available.

Why is HGH and testosterone replacement therapy required?

Replacement therapies are safe and help replace the low levels of HGH and Testosterone. Replacement therapy has been briefly discussed below:

HGH replacement

Human growth hormone replacement therapy is widely used in the treatment of a number of clinical conditions. In particular, it is useful in the treatment of the adult HGH deficiency syndrome, but also has beneficial effects in patients with weak hearts and for gaining weight in patients with HIV.

However, side effects are present as expected, and these include mild joint swelling, thickening of the blood vessels (Atherosclerosis) and development of diabetes. Close monitoring of treatment can pick these up easily if they do occur and further progression can be prevented by stopping treatment if necessary.

Testosterone replacement therapy

Female DoctorThese days, synthetic hormone replacement therapies are available for patients suffering from low testosterone levels. They are available in a number of forms, such as patches, creams and tablets. Beneficial effects can take some time to show, but patients generally feel a lot better soon. In particular, osteoporosis (weakness of the bone structure making them prone to fractures) is prevented effectively in the long term.

However, as with any treatment, there remain a few side effects with testosterone replacement therapy. There are relatively infrequent, but should still be reported to your doctor. The common side effects include mild water retention and limb swelling, mild jaundice, high blood pressure and a reduction in 'good' cholesterol in the blood. The more serious side effects are rare, and include cyst formation in the liver, heart disease and worsening of depression.

However, these side effects are more common with synthetic forms of testosterone. There are suitable natural replacements available, and these are devoid of side effects.

While there are some reports that suggest that testosterone replacement therapy can benefit ageing men, there are no long term studies available assessing its full effects, including its possible effect on the development of prostate cancer.


Hormone replacement therapy is a widely accepted treatment in hormone deficiency syndrome. With close monitoring and safe prescribing, patients can lead a long and fruitful life.

How HGH enhances testosterone's effects

You can correct low testosterone levels by increasing the intake of human growth hormone. When you increase HGH levels naturally, you help promote an increased production of male testosterone, along with other fitness and anti-aging benefits.

Growth hormone supplements called GH Advanced and GenF20 Plus have proven to be the most efficient and safe method for increasing the production of growth hormone naturally. This means that you will enjoy the natural HGH effects that include optimal levels of testosterone.

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