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HGH - The Proven Fat Blaster


Learn How HGH Affects on Weigh Loss

"Fat blasting," a fairly new term, simply means burning or dissolving fat due to a higher rate of metabolism in the human body. It's a process that results in a muscle mass that is leaner. It is relatively unique and modern term that refers to the "fat burning or fat dissolution" effect as a result of increased body metabolism and weight loss.

There are a number of studies that have proven that restoring the HGH levels in aging adults can get some very dramatic results. In a 1990 study by the New England Journal of Medicine, it was proven that 12 males who used HGH experienced leaner bone density and muscle tone, and less body fat. But 9 men who weren't given HGH showed none of those results.

How can human growth hormone cause fat loss?

Higher levels of energy and metabolism are among the positive results you will experience with increased human growth hormone. HGH that is produced naturally in the body cause these benefits in children. If you're an adult, you can get the same results when you use human growth hormones - decreased fat and a higher rate of metabolism.

HGH (human growth hormone) boosts the IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor, a hormone found naturally in adults and children) level excreted by your liver.

IGF-1 stops the transport of glucose to the cells. When you finish eating, the pancreas normally produces insulin in sufficient portions to change the carbohydrates in your food into glucose. The glucose is then stored in your body's fat cells to be used later for energy. However, HGH- induced IGF-1 stops the storage of glucose in the cells, which forces the burning of this fat to produce energy.

In most cases, your body turns all glucose into energy before it starts pulling from the reserves of fat in the body. But HGH forces the body to use the fat reserve energy first, which naturally results in weight loss.

When the HGH (human growth hormone) forces the burning of fat in this manner, it causes you to lose weight, even while you are inactive. Your body requires energy for everything you do. HGH is able to force the burning of fat even while you sleep. This also lets you eat bigger portions of food with no fear of gaining weight. With HGH you don't need to worry about dieting.

A wonderful HGH study on fat loss

In a recent study published by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, the effects of small doses of HGH administered to obese individuals was researched. This test was conducted in order to retain lean muscles while losing body fat. The study included 59 overweight people with an average BMI of 37 (BMI is a comparison of body weight to height). Those who participated were given a placebo or injections of 200 µg of growth hormone for a month. For the next five months, the dosage of growth hormone was increased to 400 µg per day for the men and 600 µg for the ladies. The researchers attribute the increased amount for women to earlier studies which indicated a resistance to the drug over time.

Of the 39 people who endured the six-month experiment, it was shown that the ones who took human growth hormone experienced an average weight loss of about five pounds. This group also kept off the weight for as long as nine months. Researchers attribute the loss of weight to a decrease in body fat.

Another aspect of this study proved that human growth hormone enhanced cholesterol by increasing the good HDL levels by 10%.


The above study shows that HGH causes body fat loss and weight loss. But you should always be careful to consider the dangerous side effects that HGH abuse can cause. If you use an HGA releasing supplement such as GH Advanced, which has been formulated from natural herbs and amino acids and other organic ingredients, you will be able to raise your HGH level safely and naturally.

Since the body naturally absorbs supplements all day, you can once again reach higher levels of HGH in the body. And best of all, you don't have to worry about side effects, because GH Advanced pills contain all-natural ingredients.



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