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How to Live a Long and Healthy Life


Live happily ever dream of many. People always dream of a long, healthy and happy life. Want stay strong and young to old age. And today, more than ever, it has become possible thanks to the latest developments in science and technology, discoveries in medicine, as well as the presence of vast amounts of information on health, longevity and success in life.


Ways Live Long and Healthy LifeAnd it's possible - live long and thus to live a full life, ie, walk, think, talk, enjoy life. But why, then, in such abundance, not all people live long? The reason is the lack of knowledge, as well as the non-use of simple basic truths. Get to know them and feel free to use and you will live a long time. After all, there are also centenarians in our society.


Also, important to have goals in life and their constant updating. For a long life are important goals that come from the heart, not the mind. They ignite the passion in us, give a charge of vital energy.


According to genetics, a person is able to live up to 120-150 years. But now only a few survive to 90 years of age. The Japanese live the longest, an average of about 80 years. The average life expectancy in Europe is about 73 years.


Scientists have carefully studied the life of centenarians planet, analyzing factors affecting life expectancy. As a result of these studies was designed by a code of longevity. If you adhere to these rules, you can not only live a long life, but also feel more confident while and younger. Do you want to live happily ever after?


Tips for Long Life


It is very simple, and basic rules are as follows:


  • Never be discouraged, believe in the best, keep your head high. According to statistics, optimists tend to live longer than pessimists. In each situation, try to look for something positive. Remember more about the most pleasant moments in your life. Do not wish anyone harm, smile often, and life will become much easier. Avoid stressful situations, since it is known that excessive anxiety reduces years of your life.
  • Create for itself a maximum of positive emotions, try to make sure that every situation is able to bring you joy. Do not deny yourself the pleasure. Perhaps it will be a delicious cake or a night party with old friends. And let a little unreasonable, but in small amounts will only benefit.
  • Eat, but do not overeat. It is best to limit yourself to 1500-2000 calories a day. Thus, you will support the activities of your body at the cellular level, the most the best way.
  • Try to pick up the menu accordingly to your age. If you only about thirty years old do not forget about the liver and nuts - first wrinkles appear much later. If you are about forty years will be particularly useful carrots, oranges and red apples containing beta-carotene. Selenium, which is contained in the solid cheese, relieves stress. After fifty years, the body needs magnesium to maintain heart and calcium to maintain bone.
  • Choose only natural products, minimize the use of products with chemical additives or dyes. Drink fresh juices, use natural cosmetics. The organism, which is in balance with nature, will always feel better and function longer.
  • Who lives longer? Those people who are excluded from their diet fatty foods, spicy and fried foods. Want to eat for a long and healthy life? Eat more fruits and vegetables and do not abuse the flour products and sweets.
  • You have to work at your pleasure, to live a long life, and interests and hobbies can help to preserve youthfulness and prolong your life. Scientists have long noticed a definite pattern that among centenarians often present representatives of professions such as the orchestra conductors, philosophers, artists and priests. But any other job you are doing exclusively for pleasure will only benefit. live long and healthy
  • The movement is considered the source of life, so it's worth doing sports at least a few minutes a day. After thirty years of production of growth hormone in the body is reduced. Combine sports with walks in the fresh air.
  • Sleep in a ventilated area at a lower temperature. The body's metabolism is directly related to the ambient temperature. So the one, who sleeps in a cool room for longer stays young and vigorous.
  • How to live long and healthy life? Smile more often, enjoy your life, enjoy the success of your loved ones, friends or strangers. If you smile, then you have a good mood and good spirits, and this as we know has a positive effect on the work of the body.
  • You must constantly stimulate the brain. Seldom watch TV and start reading books, solving puzzles and crosswords, play in cognitive and intellectual games. When you force the brain works, you in turn activates a more effective functioning of the heart, circulatory system and metabolism.
  • Love is the real elixir of youth. It was found that organisms of lovers constantly produce special hormones of happiness - endorphins, which enhance the immune system. Love and be loved, enjoy your life, bring joy to your loved ones and live long.
  • Forget about smoking, and minimize alcohol consumption, which may shorten the duration of your life.