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How Old Are You? Determining Your Body's Real Age

In most cases appearance of the person matches to lived years. But sometimes there is a discrepancy of appearance of the person and his ageing. People can look both older and younger than their age. One person in 50 years still looks surprisingly young, and another already has numerous signs of premature aging.

Scientists believe that it is necessary to share the concept of chronological age and real. In some people, these dates may be the same, while others - different. Your real age is also known as your biological age. Chronological, or calendar age - a measure of time, estimated from your date of birth.

Sooner or later, a person begins to age. Usually between the ages of 20-25 years reduces the production of key hormones at this time and begin the process of aging, wrinkles, and then the typical senile diseases.

AgeThe life expectancy depends on its quality, and the quality of life just defines speed of aging of the person. For example, the real age of the 60-year-old man, who exercises regularly, sex, diet and trying not to get nervous, can match the 45 chronological years. And conversely, 45-year-old person, leading an unhealthy lifestyle and with bad habits, biologically will appear the gray-haired old man.

Currently gerontologists may determine the real age of a person, and found that the body turns out to be aging in parts. For example, having a perfect condition of heart and brain, the man which drinks alcohol will die from cirrhosis of a liver, as in this case the liver is worn out very quickly. Among the indicators of wear - blood pressure, the ratio of fat and muscle mass, hearing, vision, and hormone levels, cholesterol, blood sugar.

And most often in premature aging of the organism causes a strong or chronic stress. And if timely to exit from destructive state, the ageing parameters markedly improved, the aging process slows down.

You can determine your real age, for this you need to visit a doctor. But you can do it yourself by doing some tests. If your real age is more chronological for 5 years, then the doctors usually recommend less nervous. If it is more than 10-20 years - better to pass a medical examination.

We present our tests to determine your real age (RealAge).

1. The first test - tilts of your torso forward

Standing upright, quickly bend your torso forward trying to touch the floor with your fingers. Quickly straighten up. Again, do tilt. How many times have you made the torso tilts in a minute?

50-55 times - your age corresponds to 20-year-olds
49-35 -- you are 30 years old,
34-30 -- you're 40
29-25 - you are 50
24-20 -- you are 60
10.19 -- you are 70

By the way, if carrying out the tilt without bending the knees, you can put palms full on the floor, your real age between 20 and 30 years. If you touch the floor with your fingers - you are about 40 years old. If you can reach up only to shins - you are about 50 years. If you reach for only up to your knees - you already over 60 years old.

2. The second test - Speed of reaction

Your partner holds an ordinary school wooden ruler of length 50 cm on a mark "50" vertically downwards. Your hand is approximately on 10 cm below. And as soon as the partner releases a ruler, try to seize it by thumb and forefingers.
If you grabbed a ruler ...
at around 20 -- your real age is 20 years,
at around 25 cm -- 30 years
at around 35 cm -- 40
at around 45 cm -- 60
failed to catch -- 70 .

3. The second test - vestibular apparatus

With tightly screwed-up eyes (important!), stand on the right or left foot. Lift the other leg about 10 cm above the floor. Your partner should measure the time during which you can not resist:

30 seconds or more - your age corresponds to the 20-year-olds person
20 seconds -- 40-year-old,
15 seconds -- 50-year-old,
less than 10 seconds -- 60-year-old and older.

4. Fourth test - condition of blood vessels

For 5 seconds, squeeze the thumb and forefingers of the skin on the back of the hand. Skin turns a little white. Determine how long it will take to the skin (white spot) got the same form:

5 seconds -- you are about 30 years old,
8 seconds -- about 40 years,
10 seconds -- about 50
15 seconds -- about 60
more than 15 seconds - 70.

5. Fifth test - the respiratory system
Breathe in deeply and exhale. Count how many breaths you make per minute:

45-40 -- 20 years,
39-35 -- 30
34-30 -- 40
29-20 -- 50
19-15 -- 60
14-10 -- 70.
By the way, the condition of lungs can be determined by the distance from which you can blow out a candle. If this happens when you are in one meter away from the candle - you are 20 years old, with 70-80 cm - 40 years, with 50-60 cm - 60 years.

6. The sixth test - Libido (men)

If you do have a sex drive, which you will easily can implement a 6-7 times a week - your age corresponds to 20-year-old man.

If 5-6 times a month -- 30-year-old.
If 3-4 times a month -- 40 years
If 1-2 times a month -- 50
If at least - you 60 years or more.

7. The seventh test - condition of joints
Put your hands behind your back and try to lock fingers on the level of the shoulder blades. If you ...
easily have done it - your age -- 20 years,
only touched his fingers - you are 30 years old,
if the hands only have come nearer, but have not touched -- you 40 years
if you can with difficulty put your hands behind back, but could not bring them closer together - you are 60 years old,
If you were not able to put your hands behind your back - you are more than 60.

8. The eighth test - condition of the central nervous system

Touch by a pencil of each cell of notebook sheet consistently with 1 up to 25. Count up, how many seconds on it were required.
30-35 seconds - you 20 years,
36-40 -- 30 years,
41-50 -- 40
51-60 -- 50
61-65 -- 60
66-75 -- 70

TOTAL: Now add up all the results and divide by the number (that is, by 8) of tests passed by you. This arithmetic mean (number) will be your real (biological) age.