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5 Natural Ways to Slow Down Aging


How to organize your life to look young and beautiful, keep yourself in good physical and mental shape and just be a healthy. Doctors and scientists are advised to go on a diet, start doing morning exercises, start learning a foreign language, or do something else that is good for the soul and (or) body. Why not combine a variety of tasks and arrange their lives so as to simultaneously achieve all the goals? You can do it, observing the rules of anti-aging. Such methods will help you to look great, feel fresh, young and healthy, and rejuvenate the mind and body, slowing the aging process. Here are five natural ways to slow down aging:


Rule one: Eat Less Sugar

You will notice that life will only get better, because it significantly improves:
- The condition of your skin (breakdown products of excess amounts of sugar in the body accelerate aging, wrinkles, sagging, etc.);
- Condition of the heart and blood vessels (excess sugar in the blood increases fragility of vessel walls);
- Reduce the load on the pancreas (malfunctions which are fraught with pancreatitis and diabetes mellitus);
- Significantly reduce waist.


Eat less sugarImportant: Do not make the mistake of strictly forbidding all the sweet sharply, once and for all. First, the psychological trauma you do not need, it will only reduce the efficiency of your rejection of sweets. Secondly, to reduce to zero the sugar is not necessary if the sweet enters the body in normal amounts, with no excess, it does not cause significant harm.


For the record: the maximum limit sugary to the standards established by the World Health Organization, no more than 25 grams of sugar per day (5 - 6 teaspoons). This applies not only pure sugar that you put in your tea or coffee and sugar, which are part of the product. And another important point - it has been found empirically, if you consume a reduced amount of sugar for 72 hours, that is three days, then during this time there will be significant changes in the state of taste receptors in the mouth and other body systems. Through this you will be much easier in the future to maintain a "light sugar regime".


Rule two: Sleep Well at Night

Sleep well at nightOften stars of the silver screen argue that the best remedy for wrinkles is a good night's sleep. And it is not cunning, scientists confirm. The fact is that during the night (namely night's sleep but not day dream) Stem cells that are found in our body from birth, go out of their "stem niches" and sent to the organs and tissues that need to be repaired. In particular they restore aging skin, smoothing wrinkles. Similarly, during a full night's sleep is regenerated other organs: heart, blood vessels, stomach, liver, etc.


Important: besides valuable stem cells is at night in our body actively produces the hormone melatonin. It is also called hormone of youth because melatonin regulates the production of other hormones, normalizes metabolism, supports the immune system, prevents the development of cancer. Peak the production of melatonin to the period from 12 pm to 4 am. To experience the rejuvenating power of a hormone to the maximum, ideally, should be going to bed at 22.30 - 23.00. Or at least no later than midnight.


By the way, if you are having temporary problems with falling asleep, including due to the violation of the regime of the day, then it is easy to get to sleep and feel refreshed in the morning can help tablets with artificially synthesized melatonin, which you can buy at many pharmacies.


Rule three: Regular Exercise

Regular exerciseMany serious scientific studies have shown that exercise slows down aging of the brain, body and even the ability to rejuvenate the skin and muscles. A team of researchers conducted research on mice first and then in human volunteers. As a result, studies have found that regular exercise make the top layer of the skin more elastic and moist, and the bottom layer that's just keeps skin from sagging becomes more elastic.

Participants in the experiment jogged or biked twice a week for three months. Scientists suggest that one of the reasons for rejuvenation is effect on the organism of cytokines - substances that are released into the blood when the loads on the muscles during exercise.


Important: running, power loads and other sports may have contraindications. For example, jogging is contraindicated in case of problems with the spine. At the same time, there is an exercise that is beneficial for all, without exception, it is an ordinary walking.

Ideally - brisk walking, as possible. When we walk in the intense pace, the blood moves through the vessels quickly, not allowing accumulate harmful fatty deposits on the walls of blood vessels, doctors explain. As brisk walking trains our vessels, keeps them toned, slowing the aging process. The best option is a daily walk for 30 - 40 minutes.


Rule four: How Stress Can Be Useful

Stress Can Be UsefulMany scientists believe that moderate stress so-called 'good' stress is an effective way to slow down aging. We are talking about short-term 'shocking' stress on the body that make it mobilized, including mechanisms for self-healing and be in good shape. Due to this it is possible to better withstand age-related changes, longer maintain good health and younger looking appearance - say scientists.


Important: common examples of useful stress is hardening of the body (the body is mobilized as a result of short-term changes in temperature), sauna (if there are no contraindications - severe cardiovascular disorders), fasting days with a low calorie diet.


Rule Five: Looking for Useful Activities of Daily Living

Happy businessmanThe absolute majority of centenarians share a common trait: they are all keen on some interesting work, usually optimists, in most cases, calm, kind, cheerful people. A matter of life - whether in the form of an exciting hobby drawing pictures, sewing, knitting, or a favorite job, satisfying - a serious factor that helps prolong a healthy, active life, according to scientists, gerontologists.


Important: try to find joy in each day and enjoy your favorite activities. Try to find yourself in something new. Perhaps this will be a fascinating thing in your life. Thus, these simple rules will help you slow down aging.