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Tips for Skin Care During Summers


The summer season brings with it numerous joys. From barbecues to swimming and fireworks, we get so lost in these joys that we easily forget what summer does to our skin.

One of the major causes of aging of skin is sun damage which causes wrinkles and enhances the risk of sun cancer. In addition to this, summer activities are linked with burns and irritations. Therefore, it is very important to follow tips for proper skin care in summers.

This doesn't mean that you cannot enjoy summer. It is difficult not to like the long extended days, relaxed atmosphere and blue sky of the most laidback season. Every individual is out and having fun. And with the help of this article with tips for summer skin care you will enjoy your skin as much as this summer.

Skin Hazards during Summer

Your skin faces lots of trouble during summers, including:

Poison ivy, sumac and oak
Bites from insect & mosquito
Cuts & bruises
Wasp and bee stings
Spider bites
Both non-poisonous and poisonous snake bites
Risks of skin-cancer
Sun burns

By far, the most important tip for summer skin care is to cover up. Wear long sleeved, loose-fitting and light-colored clothes, along with a hat and close-toed footwear. Not only will this protect you from burns, bites, cut, bruises and tears, they will even reflect the harmful UV rays. So we suggest that you cover up!

Snakes, Insects and Plants

Plant and insect-related sources give minor irritations that don't age the skin, however, they can cause itching and give mild discomfort. In order to prevent ticks and mosquito bites, wear an insect repellant and remove standing water from your yard, because they act as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Keep in mind that most repellants have alcohol, which can lead to dryness of skin. To defy its aging effects apply body moisturizer before going to bed.

Bee stings in summer are quite common, and though painful are not often dangerous. Make use of tweezers to remove the stinger. Now clean the sting area, apply ice on it and lie down.

In another case if you have a harsh reaction to bee sting, including swelling in the mouth and difficulty in breathing, you are in anaphylactic shock. If possible, give yourself an injection of epinephrine and call for medical assistance immediately and lie down.

Spider and snake bites may also be hazardous in summer, depending on where you live. Keep in mind that there are non-poisonous and poisonous species of both. In case of severe reactions from contact with either, call for immediate medical attention.

Also, be familiar with oak, sumac and poison ivy. Know how they look and avoid any contact. They may trigger swelling and redness to the contact area. Make sure to consult your doctor/ physician. Over the counter medicines and prescription may relieve itching.


Burns are a hazard caused from campfires, fireworks or other causes in summers. Burns smaller than the size of your palm can be treated at home by washing it under running cold water and covering it with a clean cloth.

Seek medical help for larger burns and even burns to the face, feet, major joints and genitals.

Safety from the Sun Burn

One typical hazard in summer is that of sunburn which can be painful. If possible avoid exposure to sun between 10AM and 4PM as the sun rays are harshest during this time. Cover yourself with light colored clothes, long sleeves and a hat. Use sun screen that is at least SPF 15, 20 minutes prior to stepping in the sun. Re apply after every 2 hours, after sweating or being in water.

If you are affected by burns, you will feel it possibly, within hours from exposure. Moisturizers and aloe can provide relief from pain due to sun burns. If you blister, you must see a doctor.

In the United States skin cancer is the most common form of cancer these days. Keep in mind that recurring sunburns may lead to skin cancer, which can be lethal. Look for skin moles, especially the ones which are growing or changing shape, shaped irregularly or start bleeding. The effects of skin cancer can be unsightly and dangerous. So wear a hat, cover up and apply the sunscreen.

Also remember that sunburns cause wrinkles thereby aging the skin. "Coverup" is the most important tip for summer skin care. It is your best shield.


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